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What do we do? We host and promote  youth basketball tournaments. Pativitational.com Brings Youth Basketball Tournament Organizers, Coaches and Players together.

It’s about us the youth basketball community. Coaches and teams from around the country can look forward to playing in a highly competitive environment.  The ultimate prize is the Championship Rings – which they receive at the P.A.T Invitational.  This tournament is held two to three (2-3) times per year – Winter, Spring and Summer.

According to Youth Basketball of America, participation in youth sports has steadily been on the rise over the past two decades, with millions of children across the country taking part in the sport throughout the year. “There are many benefits to children participating in youth basketball tournaments,” says Everton McIntyre the founder of Post A Tournament, Inc., a Brooklyn based business created to be the number one source for youth basketball tournaments. “The sport helps children stay fit, learn about teamwork, grow confidence and become more assertive.”

Post A Tournament, created in 2013, provides a place where tournament organizers can post their tournaments to a nationwide audience. They also provide a place where any coach can register to receive information on tournaments posted in their area, and where players can build a personal profile without having to worry about profanity and negativity. While competitor websites offer similar services, McIntyre says his website will present tournaments to a wide range of potential registrants for a cost less than that of the competition.

“Whether you’re a coach looking to register for your hometown tournament in South Carolina, a boys basketball tournament organizer in New York, or a player who wants more information about local basketball tournaments, our website is the one-stop-shop for all your local and national youth basketball tournament needs,” McIntyre says.

Upon arrive to the website, visitors are presented with a number of options including the ability to view a tournament, register for a tournament, or to login to their personal account. Designed to be comprehensive and user-friendly, the website is easily navigable and presents visitors with a wealth of information and resources.

Post A Tournament is a leading destination for those who are involved in youth basketball; a place to post, play, rate and evaluate! To learn more about Post A Tournament, visit them on the web at PostATourney.com or patinvitational.com today.

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