Tournaments We Recommend

Below please find the tournaments we recommend or you should consider placing on your calendar. These are tournaments specific to the Elementary and Middle School population.

AGAME SUPER SHOOTOUT – If you looking for battle for a FREE set of uniforms, this is the tournament to attend. 2-3 tournaments held annually – March, June and November.  Teams of all levels participate in this event.  Tournament is usually held under ONE roof.

BASKETBALL SPOTLIGHT – Four (4) tournaments per year with a Grand Finally.  The tournament held in Atlantic City seem to be the most popular.  Usually you can find great write-ups on middle school players. Competition is often great! Mostly D1 and D2 teams participate in these events. Tournament is usually held at 1-2 venues.

MARYLAND INVITATIONAL – formerly MIT (Maryland Invitational) now Maryland Finest AAU, is one of the largest tournaments held on the East Coast.  This tournament is held 2 times per year – February and June. In June of 2014 over 400 teams were present at this event.  Teams from all levels participate at this event.  Tournament is usually held at varied locations, therefore, transportation is a necessity, even if you are staying at a hotel close one 1 site.

KING JAMES TOURNAMENT – tournament held in Akron, OH.  This tournament is hosted by Dru Joyce – Lebron James former coach.  This tournament attracts teams from all over the country.  Teams of all levels participate in this tournament.  Transportation is a MUST, as games are played at several locations.

Competition is Everything